Bitcoin and Ethereum Payments are Back 5/5 (2)

Bitcoin and Ethereum Coming Back!

We are going to launch Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for ALL invoices in the coming weeks. So moving forward you will be able to pay invoices with BCH, BTC, ETH, or ClubCoin.

This invoicing system will be on the latest version of CoinPay which will be the full version. Right now we are just using CoinPay in the background but with this next upgrade we will be moving fully to the platform because its A LOT more robust.

We expect to make this live around the first week of April but that is assuming we don’t have any issues that require our dev team to spend all of their time on.

One of the best new features is completely eliminating under payments of invoices. The way we do this is by continuing to recalculate the invoice whenever a payment is made. This also allows you to pay for a single invoice with multiple tokens.

For example if you are buying a Founder Pack for $3,500 USD and you pay $3,000 in BTC then it will recalculate the new remaining amount needed and provide an updated exchange rate for the remaining $500. You will see what is left to pay for all four tokens we accept (BTC, BCH, ETH, and CLUB).

This gives you complete flexibility over your payment method and if you accidently close the browser or have any issues then next time you login it will pick up right where you left off with a new exchange rate and countdown clock.

We are very excited about this platform and its something we have been looking to push live for quite some time. This will also give you a good look at the CoinPay platform and the features that other merchants will have.

One other cool thing… Once we start accepting BTC, BCH, ETH and CLUB you will be able to select how you want to receive your binary commissions. Each cycle is $200 USD and you can take it in either token and change it up as often as you would like. You must take the whole amount for that day in a single token but it will give you tons of flexibility.

Bitcoin Mining Power Update

As you have seen from the lack of power being added to our Mining Pool we are having some issues with deployment. There have been some major delays and now we are having an issue with the power at our new the facility. Long story short it was not ready, it was promised but needs to go through a process before being turned on.

The good news is this delay is only affecting the first set of miners being deployed in this particular facility and we are on track for the rest of the scheduled power we purchased over the next few months.

More good news… We will be receiving another large compensation from the delays thanks to our contract and of course we will be passing this on to all members in the form of another large comp.

Not having this power turned on is frustrating, however we are only missing out on our pool fees (which are extremely low right now anyway). But since we are being fully compensated on all the “missed blocks” that we should be hitting with this power it is not affecting our business or payouts at all.

So please don’t worry about this short term issue because there is nothing being lost. With that said, we really hope to see the power hitting our pool starting in April and we will keep you posted on the progress.

GPU Mining Payments

We have found a bug with the GPU mining shares. The bug only existed on new GPU shares purchased with BCH. Basically it was not paying some of the invoices (again due to the blockchain detection issue and when the payment was actually marked paid) and second it will not allow users to change their shares to other coins.

We should have this issue fixed within the next 48 hours so you can control your GPU shares by switching between coins and also begin being paid. Any missed payments will be made up as well and the comp will be sent in the form of ETH tokens.


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